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My goal is to inspire people.

I'm a social entrepreneur. My heart beats for activism and art and I love to combine both. The goal of my work is to inspire people to engage with current socially relevant issues like conscious consumption, minimalism, equality and feminism. To do this, I'm always using new formats like campaigns, exhibitions, workshops and podcast shows. I wrote the Minimalism Manifesto, founded the Minimalism Community and initiated the International Minimalism Day.

I also work as a consultant, support institutions and companies to develop communication concepts and media. Every year I take on few coachees to accompany them on their personal journey. I enjoy being a panel guest, giving workshops, lectures and moderating events

My Expertise


Feminism as a social movement that fights against gender-based discrimination and that has campaigned for women's rights and equality for over 150 years still does not get the recognition it deserves. To this day, I am amazed that the women's movement as a topic is not a fixed part of school curricula in Germany. That's why I've been campaigning since 2012 with my German campaign “Wer braucht Feminismus?” to make feminist issues visible, to give people a platform, to empower them and to network. With my team, I have already collected around 4,000 statements why people still need feminism in German-speaking countries, which are presented on the Internet and in a traveling exhibition. In addition, we launched a podcast show in 2020. 2021 I founded “WHAT IS FEMINISM today?”.


I see minimalism as the lifestyle of the future and believe that there is a minimalist in every person. Minimalism as a philosophy of life asks us all two essential questions: 1. what is really important to me? 2. how do I use resources? From this perspective, minimalism can be applied to all areas of life. It encourages us to take social responsibility and to shape our lives according to the values that are meaningful to us.
To promote the topic, I founded the Minimalism Community, wrote the Minimalism Manifesto and initiated the International Minimalism Day.
Personally, I have reduced my personal belongings to a minimum and am currently traveling internationally with a backpack and a suitcase, testing different ways of living.




The highest form of learning is teaching. I am very grateful to be able to pass on my expertise and to keep learning more myself. In my workshops and lectures I rely on mutual inspiration. I also run several podcast shows: In the podcast “Minimalismus JETZT!” I report, for example, on my minimalist self-experiments.



I like conceptual work. I am always fascinated by how ideas come about and take shape through development. A good concept is usually the basis for the success of any project – regardless of whether it is a roadmap for your own life, the creation of a media article or the conception of a scientific paper.



Developing art and exhibits is one of my passions: combine paintings, photographs or exhibits on political issues. My exhibition entitled “Wer braucht Feminismus?” has been wandering through Germany since 2014 and has already been seen in over 50 places. In 2020 the exhibition on my new project “the one thing” opened.


Would you like to talk to me about a collaboration? Are you organizing an event and want to invite me? Are you interested in an interview and would you like to report on my projects?

I am looking forward to your message. Please use the contact form below or contact me via email: