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Time for new symbols: “Vulva Spaceship”

I wish that even more people would develop more awareness of gender equality and that we would all work together to eliminate discriminatory structures. That’s why I started the project “WHAT IS FEMINISM today?” at the end of 2021. initiated in order to be internationally active as a feminist in the future and to reach an even larger audience. There is now also an English-language project with which the initiative “Who needs feminism?” Is on the way. Basically, we combine activism and art to create awareness for gender equality.

The vision of our initiative is that one day gender discrimination will no longer be an issue on this planet. We firmly believe that by joining forces we can create a more just world. Every person can contribute to this in their sphere of activity. Because there is still gender-based discrimination in almost every area of ​​life and work. On earth. And even in space. We like to think visionary and that’s why we want to inspire space travel with the “WBF Aeronautics” project and to set an example for gender equality. It’s time for new symbols in the universe. That’s why we developed the “Vulva Spaceship” together with scientists.

The project „WBF Aeronautics”

“WBF Aeronautics” is a collaboration between Dr. Lucia Hartmann and her team and Who Needs Feminism? (WBF). Dr. Lucia Hartmann began her research on spacecraft and discovered that a spacecraft that differs from traditional shapes is more aerodynamic and generates less drag and is therefore more sustainable. She approached us with the aim of collaborating and for us to take over the media work, since there is much more to this project than just the scientific aspect but also great opportunities.The symbol of a V-shaped spaceship represents more diversity in the universe.The project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space and communicates to the world that everyone has a place in the universe, regardless of physical Properties.

The “Vulva Spaceship”

The first V-shaped spacecraft is not only a symbol for more diversity in space, it is also state-of-the-art and therefore more sustainable. Designed by “WBF Aeronautics”, the “Vulva Spaceship” represents inclusiveness that differs from traditional forms. Thus, the project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space and conveys to the world that every human being has a place in the universe. dr Lucia Hartmann, head of “WBF Aeronautics” and inventor of the “Vulva Spaceship” reports on her research: “The shape of the spaceship is surprisingly aerodynamic and generates far less drag than when the vehicle penetrates the earth’s atmosphere. Through this optimized V-shape, it guarantees maximum fuel efficiency with a reinforced carbon exterior that allows it to withstand the most extreme temperatures.”

The petition

“WBF Aeronautics” wants to inspire space travel to open up to modern forms and to realize equal opportunities throughout the universe. To this end, we have started a petition and are collecting signatures to bring our concerns closer to ESA and the other space organizations.